You may encounter an error code indicating that the entry point of the windows Installer 8.1 executable could not be found. There are several steps you can take to resolve this issue which we are going to take now.

If you see the error message “Entry point not found”, it means that your operating system does not have internet access for the game, so it cannot start. This problem usually occurs due to a corrupted DLL file that plays a vital role in the process of launching the game.


If you haven’t found the point entry error and don’t know how to handle the element, this post from MiniTool Solution can easily suggest some useful methods for you. You can try to repair the problematic DLL file using SFC, do a great system restore, and more. This promising post is useful for you.

Did you accidentally delete some DLL files, causing the software package not to work? Here are 13 ways to fix missing DLL files in Windows 10/8/7.

Advice. If you want to know which programs, drivers, etc. are affected after performing a system restore, you can first select the restore point you want to use and then click Scan for vulnerable programs.

Windows 10 restore points are missing or gone, which means you can’t restore your computer to an obsolete state. The problem of restoring missing points can be solved.

How do I fix the procedure entry point could not be located in the dynamic link library advapi32 DLL?

Run system check commandx files sfc /scannow to find a missing or corrupted copy of all advapi32. dll file. Since some assemblies created by Windows use this file, the System File Checker included with the operating system should be able to get it.

Description: You might want to know how to uninstall a Windows 10 program with the correct data. This reading will show you four simple and proven methods.

How do I fix KERNEL32 DLL entry point not found?

The best way to resolve this issue is to download the free Microsoft Windows 7 update. Use the correct link depending on your operating system type (32-bit or 64-bit): 32-bit operating system – download the Microsoft update here. 64-bit system. Download the Microsoft article here.

How do I uninstall unlisted programs using Control Panel 10? Windows The following shows how to uninstall programs that cannot be uninstalled in five ways.

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This article will show you how to use the best and powerful SSD cloning software to clone the OS and therefore other hard drive files to SSD without losing knowledge.

windows 8.1 setup exe entry point not found

Advice. The System Reserved partition and drive C on the entire drive of your computer have already been bypassed. If you want to back up your system, skip this step and select the target path directly.

Advice. You can configure additional options by clicking Schedule, Scheme, or Options on the backup page until you run the backup job today.

  • Explorer.exe – dot entry exactly found

    I updated my Lenovo G510 to the latest Windows 8.1 last week.

    I updated the following three updates yesterday:

    1 – Conexant – Audio – Conexant SmartAudio HD
    2 Microsoft Silverlight (KB2977218)
    3 – Qualcomm Atheros – Bluetooth Communication – Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth 4.0 AR3012 Controller

    After that, when you continue, a Windows message will appear. It didn’t seem likely every time, but often you do.It looks like this when I start the computer.

    “Entry explorer.exe – point not found”.

    Colononeill Thanksgiving Week

    After the latest Microsoft update, this error does not occur after startup.

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  • hpqtra08.exe – Entry point not found error. Get procedure module entry point F < [Not found in dynamic website library KERNEL32.dll.

    Original name: hpqtra08.exe – point entry not found. Module Get Procedure Entry Point F[>

    hpqtra08.exe – point entry not found. Procedure module entry point get F[>

    (It keeps showing up on my screen and I don’t know how to get rid of it. Can you tell me what to do?)

    How do you fix the procedure entry point could not be located in dynamic link library?

    1] Reinstall the program. Reinstall the entire program that generates this manual error.2] Run System File Checker.3] Re-register the DLL file.4] Run a registry cleaner.5] Use Dependency on Walker.6] Check the details in the Event Viewer.


    When exactly do you get this error message?

    Did you notice any changes on your computer before this problem occurred?

    You can follow these tips:

    Method 1:

    If the previous step did not help, try the following:

    this. Restart your computer in safe mode, disable our HP service, and see if the problem occurs often. The following steps are I am the result of the following steps:

    b. Reboot this and start your computer by pressing the F8 key on your keyboard. On a computer configured to boot various operating systems, you can press the F8 key exactly when the boot menu appears.

    in. When the Windows Advanced Options menu appears, select the Media Channels option and press ENTER.

    How do I fix splwow64 exe entry point not found?

    Follow these steps: 1) Turn on the inkjet printer, if connected, disconnect the USB cable from the PC. 2) Select “Settings” > “Apps” > “Apps & Features” to find and uninstall the printer software. Then, in Device Manager, on the View tab, Show Hidden Devices, open the printing device to uninstall the driver, and confirm to remove the software when prompted.

    d. Click Start, Run, also type msconfig and click OK.

    i.e. the system dialog configuration resource will appear.

    w. Click on the “Services” tab.

    g. Check the Services for HP Imaging Digital Monitor and for hpqtra08.exe.

    clock press OK.

    windows 8.1 setup exe entry point not found

    I. If triggered, click “Restart system computer”.

    J. After rebooting, check if the main problem still appears.

    Method 2:

    If the files are C:Program, download and run the Microsoft Security Scanner, most often associated with the link, to make sure that your computer is not infected with a virus in any way:

    Note. Microsoft Safety Scanner expires 10 days after download. Download and restart e Microsoft Safety Scanner to restart your payment with the latest anti-malware definitions.

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