Here are a few simple steps that can help you solve the unisim library templates not found problem. The UNISIM library is used in simulations and behavioral simulations which are really useful when the underlying RTL instantiates device primitives. VHDL UNISIM library. The VHDL UNISIM library is actually located in the /data/vhdl/src/unisims folder.

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How do I add a Unisim library to Modelsim?

compile the UNISIM libraries by running compxlib or the following helper.then in personal templates in the library area, add the new library.After adding a library from an existing library, also specify the folder containing the developed version of Unisim, e.g. for me it should be C:Xilinx10.1ISEvhdlmti_seunisim.

I’m trying to simulate an example IP core project, just installed inThe ModelSim version (Altera Edition/Linux) has nothing to do with the Xilinx library. How likely is it to add a Xilinx library type to ModelSim on a permanent or temporary basis?

A few more details. I am trying to simulate this example project for Ethernet1000Base-X IPCore. Documentation is here:

unisim library modelsim not found

Note 18, describes how to emulate a design using ModelSim, y-Sites, or VCS. Get an error in ModelSim after running this command: vsim -do

# ** Error: (vsim-3033) ../../../Ethernet1000BaseX.v(9359): Failed to instantiate 'LUT6'. The building block was not even found.# Region: /demo_tb/dut/core_wrapper/gig_eth_pcs_pma_core# Searched libraries:# ** Error: (vsim-19) Error accessing library 'unisims_ver' via 'unisims_ver'.no# such a file or directory. equals (error ENOENT)# /home/saddam/Desktop/Ethernet1000BaseX.3/ipcore_dir/Ethernet1000BaseX/simulation/functional/work# **Error: (vsim-19) Error accessing unsims_ver library found in unsims_ver.None# such a file or directory site. (ERROR REAL)# = ** Error: (vsim-3033) ../../../Ethernet1000BaseX.v(9365): Failed to instantiate 'MUXF7'. Structural unit not found.# Region: /demo_tb/dut/core_wrapper/gig_eth_pcs_pma_core# Searched libraries:# **Error: (vsim-19) Unable to access library unisims_ver under unisims_ver. No# this type of file or directory. implicit (ERROR ENOENT)# /home/saddam/Desktop/Ethernet1000BaseX.3/ipcore_dir/Ethernet1000BaseX/simulation/functional/work# ** Error: (vsim-19) Error accessing library 'unisims_ver' in 'unisims_ver'.no# such a file or directory. (Errno means ENOENT)** Error: (vsim-19) Failed to enter library "unisims_ver" on "unisims_ver". no# Sort file or directory. (error corresponds to ENOENT)

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How do I add a library to Modelsim?

Go to the “Simulation” section and click “Start Simulation”. Locate the job in the Design tab, then zoom in on the job and select that test bench file. On the Libraries tab, select Add. Select the lpm library, then click OK here.


unisim library modelsim not found

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