You may have encountered an error message that Windows 7 is being restored from Windows 8 using windows.old. Coincidentally, there are several ways to solve this problem, which we will return to shortly.

How do I uninstall Windows 8 and install Windows 7?

By going directly to the boot options menu, a person will first find “Safe Boot” and also disable it. Still in the Boot Options menu, find “Legacy Boot” and change it to “enabled” as well. Now you can boot from the Windows 7 installation media.

The easiest way to do this is to install the included Linux kernel image on your system. They will most likely be detected with apt-get or Talent if you want to use a specific command line, or with Synaptic if users want to use a GUI.

To apply a Linux kernel image, customers must first decide which image they want to use. Start using

apt-cache search linux-image

Please note that images may be available for multiple options depending on your architecture.

Linux can also provide a useful overview of available versions.

 rr sudo apt install linux-image-
  • <!>” src=”/htdocs/debwiki/img/attention.png”> Be sure to read everything you are told during installation, especially regarding the initrd image. If you are using a powerful and unusual bootloader, you may need to reconfigure after installing the skin – remember to tell the device to use the appropriate initrd image for kernel only Yes, in this complex situation (the package management page contains a detailed list of package items). . </p>
<p>There are alternative types of image repositories, but they are not supported and do not receive security updates (timely): </p>
<p>For DebianStable, use StableProposedUpdates or backports; </p>
<p>For DebianUnstable and DebianExperimental, use something like: </p>
<p><before> $ sudo -i # pet >> /etc/apt/preferences.d/linux-kernel << EOF Collapse: * Pin: Release o=Debian,a=experimental Contact Priority: 102 EOF # Correct policy number show/check current settings # Specify > /etc/apt/sources.list number mapping update # apt Experimental -t install linux-image-3.10-rc5-686-pae

    Can I System Restore back to Windows 7?

    Restore Windows 7 to an earlier state Close all open software windows. Click Start ( ), All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and/or System Restore. The Restore System Files and Settings window will be cleared. Select Choose a different recovery item, then click Next.

    You may actually want to use Unstable instead of New and/or choose a different mirror and variant. Also, the version and ABI version are probably different for your family.

    It may have other dependencies, in general they should not improve your stable (or testing) system. Subsequently, you can always select this older version in your bootloader.

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I also received this manual a week ago for an existing computer system (Surface Go 2):

$ sudo add-apt-repository http://deb ' buster-backports sudo main'$apt-get update$ sudo apt-get install linux-image-5.8.0-0.bpo.2-amd64-unsigned -y

Today I’m looking for a new machine and/or want to install the latest kernel on it. I searched

in different search engines

Debian Buster Linux Image

How do I restore Windows 7 from Windows 8?

Launch the application, click Change Start Menu, select Windows Developer Preview, click Rename and type Windows 7, and finally click Save Settings. I hope this helps anyone who finds themselves in this situation. situations where you want to uninstall Windows 5 Developer Preview and restore Windows.

And the backports are also linked to the “Package: linux-image-amd64 (5.9.15-1~bpo10+1)” section, which is a complete metapackage, getting further and further down the nature of the page it’s written on

How do I restore Windows 7 from Windows old?

Go to Settings > Update & Security > Recovery. You will see a “Get Started” button under the “Return to Windows 7/8.1/10” section. Click on it and Windows will restore your old Windows OS between the Windows .old folder.

dep: linux-image-5.9.0-0.bpo.5-amd64 (= 5.9.15-1~bpo10+1)
  1. How did you come up with this? install (assuming it’s actually the latest backport.) If I say “apt-get install linux-image-amd64”, can I get the backport and/or stable version?

  2. Is there a better/greater way to identify the most advanced backup engine?

  3. Can I do a previous apt-get install and tell it to use the repositories all the time buster backports?

sudo -t oblique buster-backports install linux-image-amd64

(I don’t know his Wireguard docs, which I don’t think I need.)

restore windows 7 from windows 8 using windows.old

This directory contains an ISO image of a stable Debian GNU/Linux installer with image tweaks made by Kenshi Muto to support newer hardware such as SATA controllers, not to mention Ethernet devices.

restore windows 7 from windows 8 using windows.old

NOTE. You can see how to get or mirror images and images from the Debian CD using the links below.< /p>

Distribution: Squeeze (Debian GNU/Linux 6.0)


  • squeeze-custom-amd64-0315.iso – kernel 3.2.4 alternative, Debian 6.0.4 with firmware, wpa…(more about download)
    [ ISO created from ]
    MD5: f9aac0d64b73f1b5731be9db65ed41c1 Size: 183 (192188416 MB bytes)
    [ hd-media: boot-amd64-0315.img.gz (USB image), netboot-amd64-0315.tar. (Note gz when downloading via TFTP)]
  • squeeze-custom-amd64-0808.iso – kernel version 2.6.39 …(more about installation)
    [ ISO from MD5: ]
    9aa35dbc299b15d6fa90a9224b8702c5 Size: 189 MB (199079936 bytes)
    [ hd-media: boot-amd64-0808.img.gz (USB image), netboot-amd64-0808.tar. (Note gz when downloading TFTP)]
  • squeeze-custom-amd64-0710.iso 2 . Kernel version 2.6.38, Debian…(more about download)
    [ ISO removed from ]
    MD5: f78c74481b71a8e1ff5b39952605d6fa Size: 187 MB bytes)
    [(196120576 hd-media: boot-amd64-0710.img.gz (USB image), netboot-amd64-0710.tar.gz About (note: TFTP download)]
  • squeeze-custom-amd64-0614.iso — kernel version 2.6.38 with firmware, fixed DHCP client connected to busybox…(more about download)
    [ ISO provided by ]
    MD5: f8651934f8b2a9d302eb5d557cf81c92 181 Size: MB (190146560 bytes)
    [ hd-media : boot-amd64-0614.img.gz (USB image), netboot-amd64-0614.tar.gz (TFTP note size=”+1″>squeeze-custom-amd64- 0607 ) ]
  • [ ISO from ]
    MD5: 9f2d72b86b729b8636f8b55f988c4b39 Size: 175 MB (183545856 bytes)
    [ hd-media: boot-amd64-0607.img.gz (USB image), netboot-amd64-0607.tar.gz (TFTP download note)]
  • I386

  • squeeze-custom-i386-0315.iso – Kernel 3.2.4, Debian 6.0.4 with firmware, wpa…(more about download)
    [ISO from cdimage.debian.]
    org MD5: fc7a18c089b48ee83b9eb43376e5560f Size: 215 MB (225730560 bytes)
    [ hd-media: boot-i386-0315.img.gz (USB image), netboot-i386-0315.tar.gz (TFTP note size=”+1″>squeeze-custom-i386- 0808 ) ]
  • [ ISO between ]
    MD5: dfa7e6f2382d66c1509e0d361d5e6c93 Size: 226 MB (237568000 bytes)
    [ hd-media: boot-i386-0808.img.gz (USB image), netboot-i386-0808.tar.gz (boot note)]
  • squeeze-custom-i386-0710.iso – kernel version 2.6.38 …(read more)
    [ ISO from ]
    MD5: dab5dfdd779d6d59c54d11ce8992f5f8 Size: 222 MB (233138176 bytes)
    [ hd-media: boot-i386-0710.img.gz (USB image), netboot-i386-0710.tar.gz (TFTP download note)]
  • Distribution: (Debian Lenny GNU/Linux 5.0)


  • lenny-custom-amd64-0116.iso 2) kernel version 2.6.32…(more about download)
    [ ISO from ]
    MD5: e4a36d31103a65023a86ad02b7a456c5 Size: 162 MB (170688512 bytes)
    [ hd-media: boot.img.gz (512MB USB image), netboot.tar.gz (TFTP download) ]