If you are seeing the moss error in the Site Data Web Service, this article will help you.


Hi, I have a MOSS farm. The SSP has two content sources that perform a full crawl on Fridays and an incremental crawl every night. One works fine, several do not work. Both were researched last night and I went through one source completely that didn’t work. today. To my knowledge, nothing has been moved or substantially changed. I don’t know when the results stopped coming back, but it went on for several months.

Looking at the main logs, I see the following. We don’t use mysites and never have. Recommendations ? Thank you.

Thank you for posting this in the correct discussion forum for searching. If you can’t open the image from the link, the summary will give you this:

moss error in the site data web service

1 Warning: “Removed by the data collector (This item appears to have been removed because the scanner did not find it during the last major crawl).
3 errors: “An error occurred in the Web site data service. (The attempt to get the logical page (1:5170) in Listing 28 failed. It belongs to a gadget withdelivery Not 72057597994336256 with 72057598013276160.)”

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moss error in the site data web service

I have a hotspot that contains a wiki library. Lately, crawling has stopped coming back through informational wiki pages. (Properly research and document returned streams.) When I check someone’s scan signal on the Shared Services Admin site, I get a “Focused on Error” error every time the scan succeeds:

An error has occurred in some of the site data web services. Exception (a System.OutOfMemoryException was thrown.)

The top URL from the library wiki. Looking at the regular Sharepoint fire logs, I see entries frequent analysis:

( 11/26/2007 05:01:50.93 mssdm98 mssdm98).x1368 no monitored servers, general search restored: enumlinks: caller error, hr equals 80042616 – File: web search source search on desktop collects sts3 logs sts3filt.cxx Line: 1431 Nov
26, 2007 05:01:50.93mssdmn. exe (0x1F98) Search 0x1368 Server Public 0 Monitor 2. CSTS3RowFilter CSTS3RowFilter: return error to caller, -hr implies 80042616 file search: from search, get log sts3 sts3filt .cxx line: 1609

I did a manual full read, restarted my computer, my general error persists, and I still can’t view the wiki. Does anyone have any practical suggestions for further development? Debugging

SharePoint 2007: Error In Site Data Web Service

The user group reported that the reporting library could not be found. I checked the crawl log as the site says “An error occurred while visiting the site’s online data service”. All other sites have been successfully verified. I have currently checked out the document as a library as well as their library. It contained over 4,000 journals stored in many folders. Mark. SharePoint is not intendedn for storing folders with documents, as is usually the case in the Windows operating system. Large can also reduce material performance or be ignored for good sized scans due to lack of time, sufficient processing resources, etc.

I’ve been browsing Hive for 12 minutes and found the following error:

29-01-2012 23:59:28:30 mssdmn.exe (0x1970) 0x2268 The search server is not working properly. Error 2147755542, strSiteUrl https://team.example.edu/sites/examplesite

The time came when the product tried to index the online store, but at that time it used GetSite to open without success.

So I knew the problem was that there were too many files in the library and a web service was being created to index the content most related to the library at the time it was decrypted, and some get’s were arrested to find out why.

There are more and more ways to solve this problem. I was in the majority, but it worked the most…

Note. If you want to successfully complete this production after business hours, you must take a break of at least 5 minutes. to open databases tothe content and perform a full crawl. Export

  1. a collection of sites.
  2. Create a new content control center. d As if the clientele had always been on a site with an extensive document library.
  3. Stop all these databases. Another event for a new thematic base.
  4. Import the site collection. The website pack is integrated with this brand new content database and will certainly not share a 50 GB log with the size of many websites. Mark. When you publish a production site collection, you don’t need to create a modern source site.
  5. Change the content database functionality so that the maximum number of sites is typically 1 with a fixed site id of 0. Should we just create other websites that link to the content database.
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