In this blog post, we are going to find out some of the possible reasons that can cause to limit CPU usage and then we will show possible solutions to this problem.

It would be wise to keep an eye on whether you’re actually doing this in the top UI thread, or in a thread that you and your family have shared.

On the main UI thread I usually use the DoEvents function in and also in vb6 like this

Public Sub TimeKiller (byval secondtowait as integer)     tmptime is dark because datetime is    Set time < dateadd("s",secondstowait,tmptime)          Application.Doevents     stop atend under

As for the CPU usage issue, I really see it that way... if you just do this hard loop like this

correct so farend in time

I'm expecting very high CPU usage in excess of 50% because the UI thread has a hard time avoiding it and doesn't usually crash the entire system.

DoEvents ensure that SMS windows start correctly and the resolution is fixed. It usually makes sure the garbage collector fires on time.

Even if other threads run away from your UI.Thread, your UI.Thread will still respond to events fired by others Currents...

In cases where you call form controls from different threads and run form.InvokeRequired routines, this will still be able to respond correctly.

Also, the only time you should cross the MainUI thread might be when a response comes in, which might be user activity, and you need to wait for the user to see the progress. ... < /p>
limit cpu usage

If it's an automated process that keeps repeating... move it to a new thread.

limit cpu usage

Or something that runs regularly on a timer or at a specific time, starts a new thread.

Someone please tell me if I'm wrong in these assumptions...

I don't know if Use as wh New ManualResetEvent (False) wh.WaitOne (ms) is used because I heard about it and have no idea what it does.

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