Here are some easy ways to solve the problem of setting up different email accounts in Outlook 2007.

Recently, a user on our forum asked the best way to add a second mailbox of his own to the Outlook 2007 client. I must admit, I must now; This process is slightly different from the Outlook 2003 client, and remember it took me a few minutes to find it. But it only takes a few seconds for a certain process to complete, so let’s create one.

Updated 05/19/2010: Added an additional mailbox to Outlook 2010

Update 24/07/2012: How to add an additional mailbox while running Outlook 2013

Step 1: With Outlook 2007 open, select Tools, Account Settings

how to set up different email accounts in outlook 2007

Step 5.Enter a name for the secondary/additional mailbox and clickthose “OK”.


: you must have at least read access to the new mailbox; Otherwise, you won’t be able to make the new mailbox available after it’s been added. If you need help, you can contact your system administrator or post your trust question on my forum.

Half a dozen steps. Make sure your new mailbox is listed in the bottom box that says “Open these extra mailboxes”, then click OK.

After adding a new Outlook mailbox, the client will look like this.

how to set up different email accounts in outlook 2007

Here’s an easy way to add an additional tn post office to Outlook 2007. This will allow you to easily manage multiple email accounts.

Managing a simple business often requires a lot of effort. Combining different responsibilities means often managingseveral different email accounts, including your personal email address and their shared work email address, that customers are likely to use when visiting your trusted website. Luckily, if you are using MS Outlook 2007, you can access different mailboxes within the same Windows application. How to add a second mailbox depends on certain types of public email accounts.


Connect POP3, IMAP HTTP Mailbox


  1. If Outlook is open on the desktop, close it. Click Start and select Control Panel. You select Large icons or Small icons from the View by list by clicking Mail. Click View Profiles.

  2. Click

    on the name of an existing Outlook information, then click the Properties button. Click the Email Accounts button to open the Options » Advanced. You visit the “New” button and select “From “mail account”. Click Next.

  3. is

    Enter the name as you want it to be displayed for p in the users of your messages, this full email address, for example, “[email protected]”, and send the verbal password of their account by email. -Mail. “Next” Click and wait while Outlook configures your email settings. Click Done. Click OK to close the mail dialog and restart Outlook. Your Sub Account is now listed in the main navigation bar.


To Letters Of Exchange

  1. Start Outlook. Go to the “Tools” menu and find “Account Settings”. Click the “Edit” button in the software in the top “Email Accounts” window.

  2. Usually click the “More Settings” button at the bottom right of the discussion email account. To open the Advanced tab, simply click the Add button in the Mailboxes section.

  3. Enter the email name of the second mailbox you really want to connect to and “OK”. Outlook uses your current Windows website URL credentials to configureAnother account’s bins.

  4. Click OK when you find the second mailbox in the person’s Mailboxes section, and then just click Next. Click And “Done” “Close”. Your secondary account will now only show up in the navigation bar.

How To Combine Multiple Email Addresses In Outlook 2007 Accounts?

How do I set up two separate Outlook accounts?

Typically, in your Letters mailbox, click the gear at the top, select Settings, and then View all Outlook settings.In the left menu And select email then mail, submenu Email synchronization. Youunder Connected Accounts, select Other Email Accounts, enter the connection details for the correct second account, then click OK.

  1. In Outlook 2007, select “Account Settings” in the “Tools” collage.
  2. In the Account Settings – Mail Accounts dialog, on the Email tab, select New.
  3. In the Microsoft Add New Email Account dialog, select Exchange, POP3, IMAP with AND http, and then Next.
  4. Go to step 3. New account setup process.

How Do We Add Still One Mailbox In Outlook 2007?

Forecast for 2007

  1. Click “Account Settings” in the specific “Tools” menu.
  2. Go to the Email tab.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Click “More Settings”.
  5. P Click the “Advanced” tab.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Enter the activity of the shared mailbox Us-test) (for example, .
  8. Click OK. Inbox (shared mailbox should be displayed on the left along with the folders panel.i)

Can Two Create Outlook Email Accounts?

Up to 20 different email accounts can be added to each Outlook account. Outlook works not only as an email client, but is also an effective newsletter aggregator. You can even add email details that are non-Outlook accounts, such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

How Can I Use Two Mail Histories In Outlook 2007?

There are two ways to manage two accounts when Outlook 2007 is disabled.

  1. Create two different profiles.
  2. In the same profile, add both bank email accounts and set the rule to move their email to different corresponding folders.
  3. Create a new folder and name it whatever you want (for example, from Inbox 1).
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