If you see how to check mtu in Windows XP error code on your PC, why not check out these recovery methods.

In most cases, the best value (for a home Internet router) is 1500. If your router is already showing an MTU value of 1500, you probably won’t be able to benefit from this test anymore.

For Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP, the MTU value for a number of available interfaces is provided by Windows itself using netsh.

Windows 7, Windows Vista

To view the current MTU from the command line in Windows 8 or Windows Vista:

How do I find the MTU size in Windows?

Open CMD Command Prompt (right click CMD -> Run Ads Administrator)Type: netsh cp ipv4 show subinterfaces.Our MTU size is definitely 1500, which is the default MTU size on most systems.

C:UsersIan>netsh interface ipv6 show subinterfaces       MTU MediaSenseState Byte in Byte out Interface---------- --------------- --------- --------- ------- ------      1280 specific lan connection 24321220 64558654294967295 1 6 1060111 loopback pseudo-interface 1      1280 three 0 0 isatap.newland.com      1280 5 1 0 Adapter 6TO4
C:UsersIan>netsh interface ipv4 show subinterfaces       MTU MediaSenseState Byte in Byte out Interface---------- --------------- --------- --------- ------- ------      only one and a half thousand one 146289608 29200474 local connection4294967295 area 7 0 54933 loopback pseudo-interface 1

Where is MTU configured?

The Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) setting determines the maximum packet size that can be transmitted over your network. The MTU is configured on the veth connected to each workload and tunnels (when IP is enabled in IP, VXLAN, or WireGuard).

Note. In this example, a brand new IPv6 interface to connect to the LAN has such a low MTU (1280) that I basically use the tunnel service directly to connect IPv6.

You can also change all MTU values ​​(Windows 7, Windows Vista). On an elevated command prompt:

how to check mtu in windows xp

>netsh ipv4 program installs "Local Area Connection" subinterface mtu=1492 store=persistentOK.

Windows XP

C:UsersIan>netsh interface IP epi interfacezodaindex: 1Friendly Name: LoopbackType: BuckleMTU: 32767Physical adress:index: 2Friendly Name: Local Area ConnectionType: EthernetMTU: 1500Physical address: 00-03-FF-D9-28-B7

How can I check my current MTU?

On Windows, go to Start and select Run.In the Open: field, type fast cmd (Windows 2000/XP) or instruction (Windows 98/ME).At the general DOS prompt, type ping www.yahoo.com -f -l 1492 and press Enter:The above results clearly show that the packet must be fragmented.

Note: Windows XP requires that the Routing and Remote Access service be started first. You can see interface details (including MTU):

C:UsersIan>net start remote access

Windows XP does not allow you to change the MTU setting as part of netsh. For this you can:

  • Follow the specific advice in KB283165 – How to Change the PPPoE MTU Size in Windows XP
  • use dr TCP (Note: Windows 2000/XP only)
  • See See Also

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  • A brief discussion of what MTU is and where 30 bytes come from.

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