Over the past few days, some users have encountered a known error when using the usr lib cfgefscsi – l fscsi0 error methods. This issue can occur due to a number of factors. Now let’s discuss some of them.

error usr lib methods cfgefscsi - l fscsi0

[“Business Unit”:”code”:”BU058″,”label”:”IBM Infrastructure with TPS”,”Product”:”code”:”SG11Q”,”label”:”AIX 6.HIPERS, 1 APAR and Category”:[],”Platform”:[“code”:”PF025″,”label”:”Platform Fixes”,”Component”:””,”Independent of , arm”],”Version”:”610 “” Edition”:””,”Line of Business”:”code”:”LOB08″,”label”:”Cognitive Systems”,”Business Unit”:”code”:”BU054″,”label”:”Systems 6m /TPS”,”Product”:”Code”:”SSMV87″,”Label”:”AIX.1 Enterprise Edition”,”Component”:””,”ARM Code”:”PF025″,”Label” : ” Platform independent”],”Version”:”610″,”Edition”:””,”Line category”:[],”platform”:[” Business”:”code”:”LOB08″, “label” : “Cognitive of Systems”,”Business Unit”:”code”:”BU058″,”label”:”IBM Infrastructure with TPS”,”Product”:”code”:”SSMVAX”,”label”:”AIX Express Edition “,”Component”:””,”ARM Category”:[],”Platform”:[“code”:”PF025″,”label”:”Independent of ,”Version”:”610″, platform” ] Revision” :””,”Line “Business”:”code”:”LOB08″,”label”:”Cognitively linked to systems”,”Business under division”:”code”:” PIT 054″,”label”:”M /TPS Systems”,”Product”:”code”:”SSAUMY”,”label”:”IBM AIX Enterprise Edition”,”Component” :””,”ARM category” :[],”Platform”:[“code”:”PF025″, “label”:”Platform”:”],”Version”:”610″,”Edition”:”” ,”Business Line”:”code”:”LOB08″,”label”:”Cognitive of Systems”,”Business Unit”:”code”:”BU058″,”label”:”IBM Infrastructure w/TPS”,”Product”:”code”: “SG11Q”,”label”:”AIX 6.HIPERS, 1 APAR compliant and patches”, “Component”:””,”ARM Category”:[],”Platform” :[“code”:”PF025 “,” label”:”Platform”,”Independent”],”Version”:”610″ ,”Revision”: ” “,”Line Business”:”code”:”LOB08″ ,”label”:”Cognitive of Systems”, “Business Infrastructure Unit”:”code”:”bu058″,”label”:”ibm with TPS ” “,”Product”:”code”:”SG11R”,” label”:”APAR – AIX 7.1 Environment”, “Component”: “”, “ARM Category”: [], “Platform”: [ “code”: “PF025”, “label”: “Platform Independent”], “Version”: “610”, “Issue”: “”,”Branch”:”code”:”LOB08″,”label”:”Cognitive systems” ]

APAR Status

  • Closed, Therefore Program Error.

  • Error Description

  • After installing or downloading 2 vios.2.3.0, AIX 61tl9,7.1 TL3 bugs or as above mentioned belowcan be seen in cfgmgr/cfgdev and in the boot logs.Method error (/usr/lib/methods/cfgefscsi -l fscsi0):      Could not find child device 0514-061.This highlighted error applies to Fiber Channel connectors thatdolack of devices tied to them, such asphysical adapters used on servers for vioexclusively NPIV.
  • Local Solution

  • Cr A Clear Description Of The Problem

  • cfgmgr "0514-061 reports: CANNOT FIND ERRORS ON CHILD DEVICE"for FC ADAPTER when the FC adapter is actually connectedbut the fabric is clearly zoned
  • Closing The Issue

  • Code change to fix incorrect error reporting
  • Workaround

  • error usr lib methods cfgefscsi - l fscsi0
  • Comments

  • Information Exploded

  • The

    Apar Is Routed By The System In One Or More Of The Following Ways:

  • The

    APAR Is Redirected By The System To One Or More Of The Following Devices:

    IV79084 IV82091 IV82107 IV82481 U873139

  • Correct Information

  • Fixed Component Name

    AIX 610 STD EDI

  • Fixed Component ID


  • Applicable Aspect Ratios

  • R610 PSY U873139

    UP16/05/19 I 1000

  • APAR Number


  • Name Of The Reported Component

    AIX 610 STD EDI

  • Reported ID


  • Reported Component Version


  • Status


  • EP



    Not HIPER

  • Date Posted


  • Closing Date

    February 27, 2016

  • Last Modified Date


  • Error Usr Lib Metodos Cfgefscsi L Fscsi0
    Erreur Methodes Usr Lib Cfgefscsi L Fscsi0
    Errore Usr Lib Metodi Cfgefscsi L Fscsi0
    Erro Usr Lib Metodos Cfgefscsi L Fscsi0
    Fout Usr Lib Methoden Cfgefscsi L Fscsi0
    Blad Metody Usr Lib Cfgefscsi L Fscsi0
    Oshibka Usr Lib Metody Cfgefscsi L Fscsi0
    Fehler Usr Lib Methoden Cfgefscsi L Fscsi0
    오류 Usr 라이브러리 방법 Cfgefscsi L Fscsi0
    Fel Usr Lib Metoder Cfgefscsi L Fscsi0