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Physical volume library disk is not actually available, an error occurred while checking allocation backup

The library is known especially when trying to inventory it and possibly run a backup job.

Message Error

0xe000810c – The physical disk of the library is not available. errors Latest type: backup device errors


  1. Restarting the tabbed session or the Backup Exec provider is required after changes are made to accounts that prefer to back up using Exec.
  2. The Ne backup exec server is never restarted and/or the Ne backup exec services are never restarted after a tape library change.
  3. Entries
  4. bands whose receivers are unavailable, suppressed, or listed below will not be suppressed.

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Note. This issue can also occur if the backup-to-disk (B2D) or tape drive destination folder is not available or is offline, or if the Backup Exec credentials are configured incorrectly.


When an agency reopens, avoid the following approaches:

1. As a rule of thumb, make sure that the target backup device to which the backup job is directed must be online and available in the backup’s “Exec Devices” tab.

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2. In the case of a disk backup file, make sure the destination is a folder that you have not marked read-only, for if the destination is definitely a folder that is online and Media Shelter does not cause the disk to is not filled. again. as this will prompt the device to power off a second time.

3. Verify that all Backup Exec services except “Backup Exec Remote Agent for Winning Windows Servers” are running under a meaningful account with local administrator rights.

4. If he develops in a certain job, check your professional qualities.

0. Ensure that Backup the Exec Engine Job Service and Backup the Exec Server Service are registered as the old service login account in its Windows Services snap-in (ie Management: Computer).• All Backup Exec services run under the same account by default, except for the Remote Backup Exec Agent Service (RAWS), which runs under the Local System account. If all providers (except the remote agent) are not already running under the same provider account, follow the steps in the overview article to reset the services to ensure that the maximum number of backup tasks succeeds.

6. In litigation, if the tape drive has been replaced and the movement of the new tape shows “In Use”, if no process is running, follow these steps:

the following

but .Turn on the new library and turn it off again. (Turn off the library, then turn off the Exec web server. Turn on the found library until it is initialized. Turn on the server part.)

B. Check to see if the streamer has come online and try starting your career again.

Check the event in the logs and recheck the event ID 5,7,9,11. They usually point to faulty hardware.

Symantec Backup Device exec Execoffline
backup V-79-57344-33035 – Error – mount failed.
Backup Drive exec error: Library found on physical volumes not.Exec
Last backup error: (blank) 0xe0000f16 Do not use operationA minimum number of disks and media may be required.

Scenario: The customer is Symantec using Backup Exec 2010 with twoDevices r2, a. Backup Exec goes one per device and logs this messageUnable to back up:
Backup Exec Error V-79-57344-33035 – – Deployment failed.
Backup Drive exec error: Library found on physical volumes not.Exec
Final backup error: 0xe0000f16 – Failed to captureNo minimum disk and media group

Also cases of restarting the server or even restarting Backup Exec.Services, this shows the device as offline. However, other players do not have thisexit.

Troubleshooting: 1.Install Symantec drivers instead of Microsoft.Device drivers.
2. Update your software drivers.
3. Make sure n has a good connection. our case adaptation devicethe first device that successfully connects to the server. Most likely a device is connectedon a medical first device. Second reconnect device to resolve deviceIncredible problem.
4. We had a direct deal, unfortunately the customer only has one backup library with two disks.have only one licensed extension library for . Still need to buy the marketLibrary one or permission to disable one of the drives.

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