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e39 business cd error

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My CD player usually works again after receiving “CD ERROR” and “NO DISC” messages, in order of “why”. Read
After scouring the forums on this topic, I foundWell this is a common problem and here is what I did.
I assume inexperienced so the process is clear. Please read the entire article before trying.
Using a credit card, I slid it under the magazine and scrolled from right to left in this view as my magazine was having issues. (Know when you press the green Eject button and it flashes once?) Remove the magazine completely.
Now hold the store, press the eject button, and the player with the certificate that dropped will try to climb in.
Look inside the drive while HOLDING the eject button and you will see the mechanism inside (at the bottom, in addition to the back of mine, but you may have a different orientation) trying to load CDs into the player. (You will see how the mechanism works, no matter where it is on the disk. This will not happen)
It downloads everything, just the fact that you deleted the log. (This tactic can very well clear a CD drive jam.)
I have tried hitting the eject button a few times but keep going until the mechanism tries to load the six times. (6 is the corresponding number of disks in my bootloader).
Of course, there is no guarantee that it will work for fifteen minutes, but now it works, and the last thing I know is how to reset it if it happens another time. And so are you.
I think this process really resynchronizes the internal mechanism.

Incidentally… I first removed the specific drive from the machine and opened the case to find that there were dry solder joints on the small power board. I refrigerate them but it didn’t cook any difference. That’s why I tried and discovered the upstream method.
Let me know if this works for many of you.


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e39 business cd error

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Main unit problem – CD error???

As withAs the name suggests, when I play a CD in my stereo (BMW Professional head unit), I get a CD error message saying that this feature is present on both MP3 discs and newer discs.

The condition is sporadic – sometimes they play, sometimes they play normally, they play two tracks, sometimes they don’t play at all … Very annoying!

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