Sometimes your computer may display a message that the cleaning location is located in Guangzhou. There can be several reasons for this problem. ap: Westland Mall, 35000 Warren w Road.

canton cleanup location

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If you missed a cleaning day, can’t wait for the next event, or are looking for a different location, there are plenty of other options!

Electronics – Recycling Selection or Repair

Household Toxins

  • Home-Toxics- Center – Washington County Residential Hazardous Waste Management Program. Does not accept commercial submissions from businesses outside the county or local residents.
  • The collection station accepts recyclables – definedhazardous materials such as automobiles, liquids, compact fluorescent lamps and lithium batteries.
  • Recycling fluorescent lamps – Sites in Washtenaw County make money selling fluorescent lamps. These lamps should be handled and recycled as they contain traces of mercury.
  • Ann Arbor Disposal Station: Accepts many consumer items including packaging and Styrofoam containers, most toxins, furniture and appliances. Additional Fee information for and .

    can be found on all garbage websites

  • From Washtenaw County to Treasury. document This is a long list of places in my area where many items can be reused, recycled or donated for cash.
  • Earth Recycling 911 Center Search: A federal website database search that finds cities near you for various items.
  • canton cleanup location

    If you are unable to find a specific item for your business, or have further questions regarding recommendations for alternative disposal of your item, please contact my hotline at 734-222-3950 or email us at [email protected] .< /p> settlement,

    Residents don’t forget to mark on their calendars… The City Wide Up Bacteria Free event will take place on Saturday, October 1, exactly one week after the event.City Influence Outdoor Terrace by Wide Sales. Items must be posted to the curb no later than 6 am!

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    Kanton Opruimlocatie
    Local De Limpeza Do Cantao
    Plats For Kantonrensning
    Lieu De Nettoyage Du Canton
    Lokalizacja Czyszczenia Kantonu
    캔톤 청소 위치
    Luogo Di Bonifica Del Cantone
    Mesto Uborki Kantona
    Aufraumort Kanton
    Lugar De Limpieza Del Canton