In this guide, we’ll uncover a few possible causes that could lead to wildfires being put out, and then we’ll offer some possible solutions that you can try to address.


  • Containment and disposal of asbestos compounds with other contaminated materials released after forest fires
  • Remove all malicious debris, including broken materials and random trees.
  • Removal of concrete foundation slabs.
  • Testing will certainly take place at all sites to ensure communities already affected by the fire are not exposed to bacteria and workers are not exposed to new hazardous materials. Work will begin after the village firemen declare the houses completely safe.

    See the Wildfire Cleanup Program for full eligibility information and application.

    The program includes the demolition of all buildings destroyed or damaged by wildfires this season. These include:

  • Residential buildings
  • canopy other and outbuildings
  • commercial buildings
  • public buildings
  • This may also include removing tree and vehicle fencing, butonly if it is necessary to clear the safe cleared buildings.


    was commissioned to clean up on behalf of the State Government of Victoria.

    Grocon will contact registered owners to discuss repair terms and obtain a signed consent form.
    bushfire cleanup


    this is a voluntary special program that is provided free of charge to qualified masters. You don’t need insurance to be eligible for this software.


    What Does The Cleanup Program Actually Cover?

    Demolition and disposal of all structures, or destroyed damaged by wildfires this season (including condominiums and barns, commercial social housing and other outbuildings).

    This may involve the removal of leaf fences and vehicles, but only when necessary to safely clear any collapsed buildings on the site.


    The program offers registered contractors their own use of forest fire waste (including mesothelioma and other hazardous(e materials) to owners whose buildings were irreparably damaged or destroyed by wildfires this season.

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    They must be handled, managed and disposed of in accordance with a standard that reduces risks and concerns to public health and safety in conjunction with EPA requirements.

    Where Can I Find More Information About Forest Fire Risks?

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    See Environmental Protection Agency website Environment

    Do I Have To Pay
    bushfire Cleanup


    . The cleaning program is provided free of charge to owners and is jointly funded by the state governments of Victoria and the Commonwealth.

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    How Much Can I Save By Participating In The Program?

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    For years, households have spent thousands of dollars on demolition and cleaning. This free cleaning program will allow people to spend that money renovating their bungalow.

    Do I Need To Create A Backup Copy? Do I Need A Specific Insurer Contact To Join The Program?


    No. You can participate in this type of programYes, regardless of whether you have regular insurance.

    If I don’t participate in the t Element program, I might able to claim reimbursement for cleaning expenses?

    No. If you never plan to participate in the program, you will be required to create your own designs for your property to be released by a licensed contractor and all wildfire waste safely disposed of. Cleaning fees cannot be refunded to you or your contract partner.

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    When To Start?


    Grocon may contact you to review the progress of the program and on-site cleaning, which is expected to begin in mid-February 2020.

    What About Adult Men And Women Looking For Demolished Buildings That Look Like They Were Destroyed Before These Fires?

    The cleanup program includes the demolition and destruction of all buildings destroyed or beyond repair by the wildfires this season. All objects are evaluated directly on a case-by-case basis.

    Process PRegistration

    What Happens After Registration?


    Grocon will work with real estate professionals to start cleaning as soon as possible.

    Grocon will contact each registered owner by phone (or email if phone contact is not possible), send a list of questions to be answered and set up an exclusive meeting/viewing of the property.


    Limpieza De Incendios Forestales
    Sprzatanie Po Pozarach Buszu
    Sanering Av Skogsbrand
    Bosbrand Opruimen
    Pulizia Degli Incendi Boschivi
    산불 청소
    Nettoyage Des Feux De Brousse
    Buschfeuer Aufraumen
    Limpeza De Incendios Florestais
    Likvidaciya Lesnyh Pozharov