In this tutorial, we will discover some possible causes that might cause bb error 8320 w010 and then I will suggest some possible fixes that you can try to get rid of this problem.


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    I received my Blackberry 8320 last night and the Wi-Fi has been working fine ever since. I have a real WiFi router for an Apple Macbook (Airport Express) and even though it’s on the bottom, there were only 2 WiFi clubs on my phone. However, it stopped working and was able to connect my home TV to Wi-Fi, which usually gave me error code W010. Any suggestions on what will happen? I recently updated the OS but the WiFi was trying to work. Thank you!

    07-09-08 01:18

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  2. Thanks, I think I got the idea. We had to reboot our wireless router just because the regular router went down the other day.

    09-07-08 11:11 AM

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    < a < p>I have name=”post800877″> unfortunately, I have a rather strange problem. I When I start my computer, my WiFi router works for about 5-10 minutes, then it stops. If you try to connect to yourBook network. Any suggestions?

    10-06-08 19:10

  4. I’ With ai this difficulty, but a little strange. When my partner and I reboot the router, my Wi-Fi works for about 5-10 minutes, then he may stop reading the Wi-Fi manual. Any suggestions?


    Something else is a problem. I even did a factory reset on an iPhone at the airport and nothing worked for several years. my macbook may not even receive a wifi signal for this reason, maybe my airport is not working, but for some reason it is green, which probably means it should be working.

    15.10.08 09:33


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    Last night I set up my Blackberry 8320 and Wi-Fi has been working fine ever since. I have a prepaid routerMine is for (Airport macbook Express) and although below I only had 2 bands of wifi on my phone. However, it stopped working and may be part of a better home wifi network that gave me W010 error rules Any suggestions on what to do? I recently updated the OS, but after that the Wi-Fi seems to be stuck. Thank you!



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  • bb 8320 error w010

    Thanks, I seem to have reset my Wi settings -Fi-router, because the other day our regular switch was not working.

    9/8/2011, 11:11 AM

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