You may encounter an error code indicating that backup Exec could not find the physical volume library drive. Coincidentally, there are several steps you can take to fix this problem, and we’ll talk about them now.


When trying to run a backup job, the error “Library physical volume disk is not available”

backup exec physical volume library drive not found

The library will be disabled when attempting to complete an inventory or a promotional challenge.

Message About Error

0xe000810c Library – Physical Volumes Disk is missing. Last category of errors: backup device error



  1. Account buttons used with Backup Exec require a Backup Exec restart or service restart user.
  2. The Exec backup server also does not restart and/or the Exec backup functions do not restart after replacing the MP3 library.
  3. commands

  4. Entries for remote, inaccessible, or disabled tape devices are not simply deleted.

Note. However, this issue can also occur if the backup destination to (B2D) disk or non-tape drive is available/not connected to the network, or if the credentials for the Backup Exec services are configured correctly./p> <


If restarting services doesn’t work, follow these steps via:

1. Make sure the target device that the backup job is to target is connected to the network and is displayed on the Exec backup Devices tab.

2. If you’re backing up to a folder on disk, make sure the file’s destination is not marked as read-only. the device allows you to log out of the system again.

3. Verify that all Backup Exec services, except for the Backup for Windows Servers Remote Exec Agent, are likely to run under an account with local administrator rights.

backup exec physical volume library drive not found

4. If this occurs with a specific job type, check the job credentials.

5. Verify that the particular Backup Job Exec Engine service, and therefore the Backup Exec Server service, use the same logon password for the Windows Services snap-in that is running (ie, Management: “computer”). • All Exec Backup services must run under the same default account, with the exception of the Remote Exec Intensify Agent (RAWS) service, which monitors a child local system account. If everything (except the actual service)If the agent is not running remotely) under the same account, complete the tasks in the following article to completely reset the services to ensure that the copy tasks complete correctly.

6.If a tape drive has been replaced and is showing the message In Use, but no jobs are running, do the following:

but . Turn the library off and on again. (Turn off the library, then turn off several Backup Exec servers. You turn on the library, wait for this task to initialize. Turn on the server.)

F. Verify that the saved drive argument is visible online and run the verification task again.

Find the event data and check the event id 5,7,9,11. Usually they indicate a hardware error.

Symantec Backup Exec ApplianceOffline
Backup Exec Error V-79-57344-33035 (Blank) – Failed to connect. error
Physical Backup Drive exec: media library not found.
Backup Exec error: final – 0xe0000f16 Functions failed to retrieve fileMinimum code, not requiredsupported by discs and media.

Situation: A backup is running on the client In Symantec 2010 R2 exec with twoDevices. Backup Exec receives this message when connecting to the And serverFailed to run backup template:
Backup Exec V-79-57344-33035 – Deployment Failed.
Backup Drive exec physical error: media library not found.
Backup Exec Error: Continue 0xe0000f16 – Operation failedRequires a minimum number of discs and media. Every time

They also restart the Backup Copy Server or restart Backup Exec.The device of the service is in the usual way, but on the other device there is no such situation.Edition.

Troubleshooting: 1. Drivers Install Symantec instead of Microsoft.Drivers for your devices.
2. Update device drivers.
3. Make sure the correct connection is selected. In any case, the device is still all working.devicethe first to connect to the server. Pre-medical device – connections arefor it installs the first device. Connect the second cable plug to the first devicesolves our pr ownproblem.
4. We had an affair. The client has a backup library with disks, but more than oneBetter license to expand the library. You must buy oneLibrary or license deactivation including discs.

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