If you are facing the b0 10.5.1 error, the following guide will help you.

I’m installing a 500 GB 1530 xps 2.0 GHz partitioned hard drive, a few GB of RAM and an Nvidia GT 8600m. Using Kalyway 10.5.1 Leo.

Installation went smoothly, uses vanilla kernel, but I get a b0 error on startup. I know there is a simple method that needs to be followed. Maybe with a kernel, a little different, or with graphics, I don’t know the drivers.

  • b0 error 10.5.1

    If building is your only saving grace


  • Can’t you just do it using the Mac console? ?

  • No, I don’t think so.De

  • Try restarting the installation CD. Go to Terminal Utilities and type fdisk -u /dev/rdisk0. should do the same.

  • Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  • b0 error 10.5.1

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  • laughing critical… wait, nvm. another time I didn’t install fdisk /mbr

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  • I reported an HFS+ partition error to Fdisk/mbr…

    What is it?

  • What causes the HFS+ partition error / when does it happen?

  • I also get an error about b0. I’ve worked with /mbr (with “fdisk new boot and disk”) with “fdisk – user /dev/rdisk0” (from the terminal with the install DVD) – but none of them worked.

    Surprisingly, by leaving the installation DVD in this drive, I can boot OS X, albeit without it. Also, if I try to use the “Start Disk” utility, it won’t even identify my hard drive, it will just report it to the DVD player.

    We would really appreciate any help.

  • start with the installation disc
    At the Darwin prompt press F8 followed by data -v -s and swipe back
    now focus on the console (shell specific #)
    When the shell is ready, type fdisk -age /dev/rdisk0
    It loads fdisk, you see:
    fdisk can 1
    with a hint.
    Enter “Flag 1” here (without caychek) and come back later
    Then type “quit” (without quotes) and come back later
    should say “MBR saved”
    now means “quit” (again without quotes) and also return

  • I did what HAL said last time and it now loads Darwin/x86, on the contrary, now when it starts the problem hangs on the gray fruit splash screen with the stairmaster wheel and I see a nicely filled circle with a slash, through which it passes over the design of the Apple logo.

    Any idea why? (seems available as if Dell Inspiron Intel 8200 is not p4 compatible when running Darwin/x86 Boot v 5.0.132)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  • Okay, so I had to create the only fixes that fit from the setup during a custom install… that’s when the problem with booting Mac OS X came up.

  • >Actually I did what HAL said last time and of course it boots Darwin/x86 but when it boots it of course hangs on the gray apple loading screen with wheel> and after I see this community with a slashthe one above the >Apple logo.

    I see that I have these alternatives too!

    >Good thing you really should have gotten the relevant sections from > Install Custom at Purchase… then, this one and the Mac boots OS X.

    Fix it? need where?

  • I’ll take a closer look! Exactly as he explained – during installation, to the right of the selection of the partition to run, there is a button for setting the layout in the lower left corner of the window. in the custom enable menu, select fix x86.if

  • Yes, your Macos installation is stuck at the loading screen with a custom Apple logo or just before the desktop, it’s because you didn’t choose some fixes to fix your processor 😉< /p >

  • HALF

    A thousand thanks, I’m already desperate, if of course now =)
    again: thank you very much



  • I haven’t worked with fdisk. Need help

  • Please I made this HAL declared last and it now loads fedex darwin/x86 but now if it is
    boots, gets stuck on the dark Apple splash screen with the main spinning wheel, and after that I see a circle with a slash on the side above the peach logo.

    Any ideas why (may seem like Inspiron dell 8200 Intel with P4 doesn’t work with Darwin/x86 V 5.0.132 boot), please help

    Everyone will be grateful. Thanks in advance!
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    If it gets stuck on the usually gray Apple logo, it’s most likely due to a bad disc label. That is, the slave DVD-ROM is configured as a secondary DVD-ROM without the ide of the master.
    I hope we can help you.
    By the way, you had the same errors as you!

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  • The -v -s command worked like clockwork, but now my personal Windows XP installation no longer exits the NT menu… This makes the presence of the WinXP logo unwieldy on boot. Mac OS playback when installed with other partitions?

  • “-v -s” worked great for me.

    Thanks for the tip.

  • Hello, thank you. The wisest way I had to do it was -s -v. But everything exceptI’m perfect!

  • When I get to the shell, it’s ready, and I type fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0, instead of helping you, another error pops up.1> fdisk, am I doing something wrong?